The Legalization of Information and Electronic Transaction Bill (RUU ITE)

23 Mei

Nowadays, pornography is being a hot topic in Indonesia. The term of pornography vary and depends on people point of view. According to Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, pornography can be books, films, etc, that show sexual activity in order to cause sexual excitement. Based on “RUU Anti Pornografi dan Anti Pornoaksi”, pornography is a substance of media or communication tools which is made to extend the idea about sex by exploiting of sex and/ erotic of the body. In my opinion, therefore, pornography are media, it can be books, films, multimedia (CD, DVD, Internet) that show not only sexual activity, but also all the ideas about sex leading to sexual excitement. For example, a woman who wears opened-clothes so that her body appears so sexy, it can stimulate people, especially the men the negative thinking which cause sexual excitement and it is categorized as pornography.

Moreover, pornography is also spread through multimedia, one of them are internet. Internet is the large system of connected computers around the world which allows people to share information and communicate with each other (Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary), so that internet is the most sophisticated media that anything we want to find can be accessed, include anything about pornography. Indirectly, internet can be said as the most suitable means in spreading pornography in our country, because we can access anything about pornography in internet freely without any blocking and protecting of pornography sites.
The effect of accessing internet freely, especially for the user who often opens pornography sites is the crisis of morality. By accessing or watching kinds of pornography sites, it will stimulate their minds leading to do the same that is to practice what they have watched in pornography sites. If they have a couple, usually they will practice it with their couple and do the free-sex, even many people do the ripe after they see the pornography film and having a chance to do that. So that the effect is so dangerous for the morality of Indonesian people and it must be solved seriously.

In exceeding that problem, the government comes to a decision make a bill to block and prevent the access of pornography in cyber media, that is by formed a bill of Information and Electronic Transaction (RUU ITE). RUU ITE is a bill of which is discussed about the online transaction, prohibition of pornography, online gambling, and also manner of electronic document deviation. And the discussion I take in this article is about the prohibition of spreading the pornography in cyber media. Actually this bill has been discussed about five years ago, that is started in 2003. But in 2004, there was the government replacement so that it was pending for a year. Then in 2005, RUU ITE is closed to Indonesian legislative assembly (DPR) agenda. And it is legalized as a Law of Information and Electronic Transaction (UU ITE) on Tuesday, March 25, 2008. But after the bill is legalized, there are some problems in applying this law.
First is the protest of the people who disagree of the legalization of this law, because they will get impact directly to their business. Most of them are the businessmen who have a business related to information technology (IT) like the internet café owners and provider of networking (ISP). The others are photographers, models, and so on.
Another problem of implementing Law of Information and Electronic Transaction (UU ITE) is user’s complains of the software that is provided by the government in blocking the pornography sites. The software the government provides is not always compatible with the people’s computer program, so that if they run/activate the software from the government, it causes their PC’s work not properly and also many programs are being error.
However, this is a good step of the government takes to decrease the pornography spreading through cyber media, and it shows the goodwill and attention of the government in trying to solve the problem even tough some people said that it is impossible to block the forbidden sites (pornography sites) in Indonesia. The government is also optimize that this is the best way to block the pornography sites in order to decrease the crisis of morality of Indonesian people although many people said that it is a ridiculous thing and just wasting the time because Internet is a cyber media that cannot be touched as our real life.

By: Giri Widodo S.B.

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